What to do (and not to do) when designing a business card.

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Another update for your pleasure, or distaste…


The first design of our update today is a personal business card for a designer by the name of Luke Hobbs. It is a simple black card, printed on regular stock, with a lot of negative space. I like the front of this card, minus how far down the word “designs” is, but the back of the card could use some help. The bleeding logo is a bit too typical for my taste. I think the information on the back of the card is decently laid out, but the logo at the bottom completely throws it off for me. A decent card nonetheless. Overall – 7.2

This card is for someone by the name of Crysta Smith. Im not exactly sure what she does, which is an obvious dysfunction of the card right off the bat, but we’ll try to stick with the actual design of the card rather than the information presented (even though that is an amazingly important aspect of the card that should never be overlooked and never undervalued). As with our last example, I think the front of the card is presently cleanly and somewhat elegantly, but the back just seems weak. I don’t think the logo translates well to white on the back of the card, and the type choice and spacing on the information on the back of the card seems like there wasn’t much thought put in to it. Overall – 6.5


Our next card comes from a graphic designer by the name of Nikola Bliznakov. Gesundheit. This card screams amateur to me. There are way too many photoshop brushes, typical type choice, and an overall “grunge” feel that is probably the most cliche and played out of all design styles among young designers. You can barely read the contact information and the choice to have one side black and one side bright ass pink speaks volumes about the designers understanding of color harmony. To sum it up…meh. Overall – 5.7


Next card here, another interesting name, Krzysztof Labno. For my explanation and opinion of this card….you can basically see above. Cheesy, amateur, underwhelming. Overall – 5.5


A business card for a company called Pixel Flow Design. The scratched glass look is pretty interesting, but the rest of the design isn’t keeping up to par. I really dislike the grey bar at the bottom of the front of the card. The back works a little better, but still looks crowded. Do i really need to say less is more? Overall -6.1


REKON design has a business card. And here it is. I generally think type on an axis looks pretty clean and well designed, as long as its done well. This example mostly sticks within that generality, but the spacing between each of the “REKON”s seems a little large. Overall I think the layout is nice, clean, and decently designed, and I think the gradiant is done tastefully (a rare occurence). Overall – 7.8


I only have an image for one side of this card, or maybe its a one sided card. Who exactly this card is for somewhat alludes me. I like the illustration of the little boy looking around the corner, but the rest of the treatment is pretty far on the cheesy side. I think the outside smudgy effect, even though overused and typical, is actually done pretty well. The signature has got to go. Overall – 6.8


A good business card makes very good business sense.

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Bored at work again…so here are some more business cards to check out

The first card today is for a company named “n’clud”. I think the design is clean and thought out, but a little on the expected side.

I would have liked to see the navy color from the front of the card incorportated in to the back of the card to bring the feel of the design full circle. I like the 3 rounded corners, but again, maybe something like the little leaf image dye cut out of the card somewhere or something along those lines would give the card the extra little spice I feel that it needs. Overall – 7.8


This a bit of an unusual take on a business card. The individual who “designed” this card decided to write their name and contact info in felt tip market on the front of a playing card. While I really enjoy designs and concepts that push the envelope and expand the limits of a medium, I think this card could have been pushed further. There is no indication of what this individual does on the card, so who’s to say that someone who recieved this card would even remember what Mr. Panarelli did when he got back home or to the office. Overall – 7.2


This is a set of 2 business cards for two individuals working for the same company, or perhaps owners. I am really enjoying the negative space around the figures and the limited amount of color present in the designs. I love the focal points in the two compositions being directly on top of the person of interest, it really creates a very interesting layout. I think the leading is a bit off in these cards, but I still think these are excellent examples of how business cards should look. Overall – 8.7


Interesting Visual

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I found this card searching around on flickr. Here is the link to the kid who designed it. I really like this card. Overall I think the type is simple and elegant and the visual is interesting and unique. The printing looks like it could be a little better, but the feel that it achieves isn’t too disagreeable. A nice design for such a young designer. Kudos. Here is his flickr page if anyone wants to visit it.



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And here we go with the first of many terrible business cards.

This is a card for a “photographer” who apparently goes by the alias of “nubbin”. Innnnteresting. Anywho. I’d have to say my least favorite typeface in the entire world is Papyrus. You may disagree and say Party LET or something of the sort is the worst, but I will have to disagree. I believe Papyrus is the worst because besides the blatantly obvious terribleness of it, its used sooooo often for so many terrible designs (as you can see). As for the actual “design” of the card…just cheese all the way around. The greyscale image with duotone eyes and tattoo? Oh man. I just want to gaze in to his dreamy photographer eyes all day long. So tough, so dreamy. Ok, Im done picking on mini Fred Durst.


Some cool findings

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So I’m at work right now and don’t have any cards with me really, so I thought I would post some cards I’ve come across on the internet to get some content flowing on here.

This first card is the personal business card of legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick. I think it really is a great design and interesting concept for a mischief making hacker person, but I wonder who came up with the idea first…Kevin (or his designer), or an individual named Melvin (or his designer). They really are almost exactly similar. Ill let you decide for yourself.



The Business Card Blog

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I’m dedicating this blog exclusively to business card design, good and bad.  I have been collecting business cards for the last few years, and I am going to use this blog as a way to share it with the world.  I invite anyone to participate in sharing business cards that they have come across at any time, good or bad, so we can discuss why they do or don’t work.  While the bullk of this blog will be business cards that I personally own or have come across, there will be the occasional link or found image that will be posted if it is a particularly good example.  I will try to update as often as possible, at least once a week with a few new cards.  Feel free to comment on any post as much as you’d like.  The whole reason I wanted to do this blog is to create conversation among the design community, and individuals outside of it, to see how different people felt about different executions, concepts, etc.